About us

Located in in the heart of The Marches with a wide women’s participation, Rossofuoco is characterized by love and respect for its roots and the synergy to produce a top-quality product…100% made in Italy. What makes Rossofuoco unique is their passion: the energy and the warmth they put into their work and the desire to offer consistently reliable products. Many people are unaware of the importance that the wood-fired oven had in the Italian culinary tradition. Rossofuoco ovens give everyone the opportunity to rediscover those ancient flavors in a very simple way. They are renowned for their reliability, and a great range of models that meet every need.


The distinctive feature of Rossofuoco dual-chamber ovens is their separated combustion systems, developed by high-qualified professionals and technicians. To obtain exceptional cooking qualities, this system preserves the flavor of your food all while providing an exclusive heat distribution system where the flame never reaches the walls of the cooking chamber. This is due to a dividing radiant panel placed between the combustion and cooking chambers, where the heated air starts its natural circulation movement by convection through a series of slits placed at the sides of the lower level of the cooking chamber, uniformly heating each level. For the lovers of tradition, Rossofuoco also produces direct combustion ovens and barbecues.