The wood fired ovens represent the ideal of all kitchen lovers for their craftsmanship, which comes from the attention given to the details and the quality of the materials used.

about us

Clementi was founded in 1975 as a result of their love for old-fashioned tastes and passion to share them with the world. Their continuous research and development has made the manufacturing of high quality and high performance products possible. Everything is crafted in the Clementi factory, based in Sassoferrato, Italy, and assembled with astonishing detail. Clementi products allow you to cook dishes with the wood-fired authenticity that only a genuine thoroughbred Italian oven can do.




Clementi is a leading brand for the production and selling of tipical Italian pizza ovens: you can find both direct gas ovens and direct wood fired ovens. Also you can discover our barbecue collection:  it includes wood barbecue with original wood-burning cooking and Charcoal barbecue, for a very tasty BBQ experience.